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Screentek Performance Guarantee


As a prominent manufacturer and supplier of screen media and wear resistant lining materials to the mining and extractive industries we have developed considerable history on the performance of our products when compared to those of other suppliers.

Whilst the initial cost of Screentek products can sometimes be higher than other brands the wear life is usually noticeably longer provided they are designed and installed according to our recommendations.

With our experience we are confident that by the time our Screentek screen cloths and wear liners have been removed from service a significant saving will have resulted through increased wear life, improved efficiency or reduced maintenance costs when compared with other products. It is with this confidence that we offer our Screentek Performance Guarantee
Simply stated, the cost of Screentek screen cloths and wear liners, when designed and installed in accordance with our recommendations, will be less than that of other suppliers products used under the same conditions and handling the same tonnages.

If Screentek products do not prove to be more cost-effective a pro-rata adjustment will be made.


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