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Wear Liners

InflatableRubberLiners InflatableRubberLiners

Inflatable rubber liners for use in chutes or areas where fine particle build up is a problem

LowFrictionRubberLiners LowFrictionRubberLiners

Molybdenum Disulphide impregnated rubber liners for use in applications where a low friction high slip wear surface is required.

Rubber Wear Liners Rubber Wear Liners

Impact and Abrasion Resistant Rubber Wear Liners

Chromium Carbide Wear Plate Chromium Carbide Wear Plate

The basic product comprises a Mild Steel base plate upon which a highly abrasive resistant overlay is applied. The overlay consists primarily of very hard Chromium Carbide particles imbedded in a softer matrix the combination of which yields a macro hardness of 600 BHN or 60 Rc.

Polyurethane Wear Parts Polyurethane Wear Parts

Moulded polyurethane wear components

T-Bolt Assemblies T-Bolt Assemblies

Forged Grade 8.8 Steel T-bolt Sets For Grinding Mill Rubber Liners and Rubber Wear Bars Screentek High Tensile Forged Mill Liner T-Bolts Code # A - mm B - mm C - mm D - mm E - mm Grade 19-M24X200-TBOLT M24 55 70 12 200 180 8.8 19-M24X140-TBOLT M24

Rubber Ceramic Composite Liners Rubber Ceramic Composite Liners

Rubber Ceramic Composite Liners Ceramtek Ceramic Rubber Composite Wear Liners Ceramatek Composite Wear Liners combine energy absorbing abrasion resistant rubber and diamond hard high-Alumina ceramics, all moulded into a single composite wear liner. Ceramatek composite liners are adurable, versatile wear


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